Bisou Chocolate


Eli Curtis and Tracey Britton


Eli and Tracey met in San Francisco while working as bike messengers. A biking trip through Belgium introduced them to a plethora of artisanal chocolate shops and inspired them to make their own chocolate. After years of experimenting, they formed Bisou Chocolate and started making their bars and truffles and, more recently, vegan caramels and confections. They deftly coax intriguing flavors from high-quality cocoa beans to make flavorful chocolate, while paying a high premium to cocoa farmers for their hard work and superior product. Eli and Tracey are artisans with the single focus of making modern chocolate, crafted in time-honored tradition.


Bisou sources its beans from farmers around the world and prioritizes sourcing from farmers who have fair labor practices, regenerative farming techniques, and a commitment to quality post-harvest handling.